Live Filters

Curate views instantly.

Hey product people. It didn’t take many rounds of feedback to hear you loud and clear – Roadmunk users were asking for a way to add items to multiple views and generate new views from that data. After all, our users are counting on Roadmunk to create beautiful roadmaps quickly. Introducing our latest milestone: Live Filters.

Work smarter and faster

We’ll help you curate your roadmap for any audience to tell a simple, relevant story. Live Filters will help roadmap creators quickly plot items across multiple views. Users can instantly pivot their data and save a view to revisit later:

  • Timebox your items within a specific time range.
  • Isolate specific teams, statuses or any other field instantly.
  • Create focused, thematic roadmaps to share with specific audiences.

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Consider a use case:

Roadmunk has a new marketing guy, Rhys. He’s brilliant, ruggedly handsome and now writes the Roadmunk blog you’re reading.

In the next few weeks he has some pretty demanding web projects to complete, and he needs to align his UX and web teams to coordinate the Q4 deliverables. Before walking into his next web meeting he sits down to adjust his master marketing roadmap to display only the relevant information for his meeting. Cue Live Filtering.

Marketing roadmap
Rhys starts with his marketing roadmap. No filters are applied.


Filtering views
Rhys is filtering his roadmap to show Q4 items only. Notice the active ‘FILTERED BY:’ indication above the filtering categories. His next step will be to isolate his web, mobile and UX/design teams.


How easy was that? Now the roadmap is showing only web, mobile and UX items in the Q4 time range.


Last, Rhys exports his Q4 roadmap to a concise, Powerpoint-sized PNG image he’ll use in his meeting.

With Live Filters, Roadmunk users can pivot their data and instantly create new views for their audience. Being the clever type, Rhys decides to save this view for use later. In the future if Rhys wants to revisit this arrangement again, he just needs to recall this view from the view menu.

Start writing your own product stories

Feel free to experiment with Live Filters starting today – once you log in (or refresh if you’re still busily roadmapping as we update) you’ll notice the filter menu in the top right corner of the screen, next to the familiar layout and colors menus.

For an overview of Live Filters, visit our FAQ and Support article describing the feature in detail.

Happy roadmapping.