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Product Planning 101

We ❤️ product managers, but more importantly, we care about helping them build better products. It’s why we built this guide. Get the education and advice you need to manage an existing product or launch a new one. All in one place. You’re welcome.

Chapter 1

Product planning starts with user research

Chapter 2

How to build and improve a minimum viable product

Chapter 3

Differentiate your product with a product feature competitive analysis

Chapter 4

4 product value proposition models for product managers

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Find the perfect roadmapping tool for your team's workflow

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What is product planning?

Think of your product plan as all the groundwork that gets done before any serious development work begins.

Product managers create product plans to outline the problems they will solve, the solutions to those problems and proof, through vigorous validation, that the solutions will succeed in the market. A well-thought out product strategy will save your teams from building something that customers don’t want, or that don’t fully solve their issues. On the flipside, how well product managers solve customer pains will determine how “sticky,” or even how profitable, your product is.

Great products are made of conversations with customers, leadership, product teams and stakeholders. At every stage of product development, you’ll find that conversations with users are the driving forces of every strategic decision.

We’ve created handy guides to help you create a product strategy best suited for you and your users.

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