Chapter 7

Your guide to product roadmap tools

Roadmapping in ad hoc tools—like Excel and PowerPoint—is no longer necessary (so stop doing it ✋).

Product roadmapping tools have emerged as an important part of a product team’s workflow. Why? They equip a product manager with a simple but effective way to visualize their product strategy, collaborate with their team, and present it to stakeholders. Making this happen isn’t so quick and easy in spreadsheets and other ad hoc tools.

Since these tools provide major value to product teams, more and more roadmapping tools are being introduced to the market. And a product manager has a variety of options to sort through once they make the decision to start using a roadmapping tool.

So, we did the research for you and published it in this guide. In our opinion, three clear leaders have emerged:


1. Roadmunk

Roadmunk is a product roadmap tool built to help teams cut through the clutter of day-to-day tasks and focus on the big picture.

With Roadmunk, it’s easy to build, share and present your high-level product strategy to keep the whole organization working towards the same product goals. The tool focuses on three key roadmapping functions: planning, collaborating and visualizing.


2. Aha!

Aha!’s aim is to be a one-stop shop for product managers to get every aspect of their job done–including idea management, mockups and more. In Aha!, a roadmap is a report generated by the app once a data-driven product strategy has been crafted.


3. ProductPlan

ProductPlan provides product teams with the ability to quickly create and easily manage a timeline roadmap. It serves as a straight-to-point way to visualize what’s coming up in the product pipeline.

In full transparency: Aha! and ProductPlan are the tools we encounter the most during our sales cycle. It is not uncommon for prospects to trial and evaluate all three tools at the same time before making a decision.

What's inside the product roadmap tools guide

We created an in-depth guide that compares each tool based on a core set of features (that we believe are) most important to product teams when it comes to: roadmap planning, visualizations, and sharing with stakeholders.

We will also cover data security. PMs store sensitive information within their roadmapping tool–and its security is a top concern.

What you won’t find in this guide: the features and capabilities that do not fit into the process of creating and sharing a visual product strategy — namely the features geared more towards indepth project planning and task management.

This is a guide strictly about finding a tool to build & share roadmaps.

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