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Candid conversations between two product people about, well, product. Hosted by Roadmunk.

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Is there a downside to dogfooding?

Founder & CEO @ ChartMogul

Using your own products—or dogfooding—can yield amazing insights. But can it skew product decisions? Nick Franklin shares his learnings.

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Is there a downside to dogfooding?

Founder & CEO | ChartMogul

Using your own products—or dogfooding—can yield amazing insights. But can it skew product decisions? Nick Franklin shares his learnings.

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Debunking the "V" in MVP

Product Manager | Dropbox

Let’s face it, MVPs are confusing. Anaid Chacon explores just how viable the term (short for Minimum Viable Product) is.

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#NoEstimates: Myth or movement

Product Evangelist | Amplitude

To estimate, or not to estimate, that is the question. John Cutler cuts through the noise and introduces a much better question to ask.

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The “shittiness” of being a “shit umbrella”

Director of Product, Personalization | NBC

Kristen Huntley knows that part of being a PM is shielding a team from external “shit.” But she takes issue with her “shit umbrella” duties.

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CEO of the product: An accurate title for PMs?

Senior Product Manager | Uber

Some PMs take “CEO of the product” to heart; others call BS. But Anup Dhalwani’s on the fence. He thinks the term works—with conditions.

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The why: Context-setting is good product management

Product Manager | Buzzfeed

Establishing “the why” is essential to being a good PM. But not all PMs context-set often (or well) enough. So, Leora Katz has some tips.

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From tension to trust: How a PM transformed team culture

Senior Product Manager | Amazon

When Gustavo Melo joined Amazon’s wedding registry product team, he noticed that the technical side wanted to develop cool features and the non-tech...

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What to do when managing PMs gets messy

Head of Product | Venmo

As a product team lead, you’re not managing the product per se. You’re managing other product managers with their own opinions on how the product...

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What is product conviction and where does it come from?

PM Director & Senior PM | Intercom

The data says one thing, but your gut says otherwise. What’s a PM to do? Can you trust your intuition to make the right decision for your users? Luckily...

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Changing human behaviours, one AI bot at a time

Senior Product Designer | Vox Media

When Sanette Tanaka Sloan joined Vox Media’s first-ever R&D team, she was tasked with designing an AI bot for the Amazon Echo. The goal? Change the way...

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Personas & JTBD: Getting to know your users better

Hosts | Rocketship.FM

User personas and jobs to be done have long been go-to frameworks for product people wanting to click with their users. Mike Belsito and Michael Sacca recently...

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To think, or not to think, like a product manager

Founder | Product Institute

As the founder of a product management school, Melissa Perri’s mission is clear-cut: teach people how to effectively think like a product manager. So, we investigate...

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Taking care of your product team's well-being

Product Manager | Pinterest

As a product manager it’s easy to get so caught up in hitting KPIs that you forget to ask, “How’s my team doing?” For Lulu Cheng, her team’s “wellness” needed just...

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How a "free forever" product can = rapid revenue growth

Co-founder | Hotjar

An integral part of Hotjar’s success is their freemium pricing model. Their free forever plan makes it possible for anyone to use their platform without ever paying...

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How a PM career preps you to be an early-stage startup founder

Co-founder | A new startup

Ellen recently made the transition from VP of Product at Lola to startup co-founder. We find out how Ellen’s product career is helping her tackle the challenges...

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What is "PM Culture?"

Product Manager | Square

Aman noticed that his fellow PMs at Square had very different perspectives on what their job description should be. So, he decided to get them all together to come...

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Why PMs need to be great writers

Principal Product Manager | Atlassian

Successful product managers = world-class communicators. It’s why much of a PM’s time is spent writing. Evan Michner, creative writer-turned-product manager...

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Burndown framework: An alternative to scrum

Product Manager | Drift

Ditching the traditional agile and scrum models, the product team at Drift has opted for the Burndown framework to build their products. Matt breaks down the...

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Making smarter decisions with machine learning

Product Manager, Analytics | Squarespace

Inga walks us through when and how to prepare for machine learning, what to do with user feedback during the development process, and the probability of a...

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About the podcast

Tarif Rahman

Eleni Deacon

Jillean Kearney

Latif Nanji

At Roadmunk, we build a product for product people (a platform for creating beautiful and collaborative roadmaps). As part of the product community, we’ve seen how open product people are to helping their peers. They share their own experiences of working in product (both the good and the bad) in very honest ways – and they’re very generous with advice. The candid conversations that are taking place in product communities online make perfect material for podcasts. So we started one!

Product to Product is a product management podcast that will feature two product people talking about one product-specific topic—like applying machine learning to the right problems and building a healthy PM culture (and what "PM culture" is). We have really cool episodes coming up with product managers, designers, marketers and engineers.

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