Product Lifecycle Roadmaps

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What's a product lifecycle roadmap?

Roadmaps are a critical planning component in product lifecycle management. Product managers are able to share the story of a product's growth with their stakeholders in a single, visual explanation. As the market shifts, PM's can adapt their product lifecycle roadmaps to accommodate the new landscape. Most importantly, roadmaps provide the manager with a full view of how teams collaborate so marketing, development, sales and executive stakeholders are aligned and working in sync.

Custom roadmap software

Lifecycle roadmaps with Roadmunk

We make creating product lifecycle roadmaps easier for product managers. Roadmunk replaces the tedium of updating multiple Excel and Powerpoint templates and enables managers to spend their time adding value to the product. Users can maintain one centralized roadmap and roll up individual plans into the portfolio for a full view of the future. When it's time to share the vision with the team, Roadmunk can customize and print roadmaps to presentation-ready file formats.

  • Single source of product truth - align teams rapidly to accelerate growth

  • Save hours by importing your product lifecycle templates to re-use across the entire portfolio

  • Customize roadmap views to share with a variety of stakeholders and customers

  • Visualize the competitive landscape and make informed product decisions with your entire team

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