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Empower your remote product team

Remote work is here to stay. But don’t let distance stop you from building great products. As product managers transition to a remote environment, cultivating the right culture is crucial to the organization’s success.

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Product Management in a Remote World: Shipping Great Products with Distributed Teams

About the eBook

The workday looks a lot different for PMs today. Your days are filled with floated heads on a screen. You’re unsure whether “EOD” means 5pm or midnight. Welcome to the new normal.

Today, more PMs expect the companies and teams they work with to be remote-first. In response, organizations need to make permanent changes in how they build teams. In this eBook, you’ll learn how product management has changed with remote work, and how your team can continue shipping great products.

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Over the past two years, we have helped many of our own customers pivot their PM processes for the new normal. In this guide, we’ll share everything we’ve learned to get you set for success.
Latif Nanji

Latif Nanji

Co-founder & CEO
of Roadmunk

What's in the guide?

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PM in the new normal

What was just a trend and what’s here to stay? Learn how companies must adapt to stay competitive in the new normal.

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Building a remote product culture

A winning culture delivers winning outcomes. We’ll outline what separates a top-performing remote team from the rest.

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Develop a remote product playbook

The way your team communicates changes the way you build products. Begin building a playbook around the realities of remote work.

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Product ops in the Remote world

Learn how to position your roadmap as the single source of truth for all your stakeholders. Gain agility through alignment & clarity.

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