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From noise to product ideas: how to turn customer feedback into product insight

A guide to help you find the customer feedback insights you need in order to build customer-centric products. Mine for the gold, polish those rough diamonds, find the pearls in the sea—you get the idea.

Customer Feedback Product Ideas ebook cover

What’s inside our guide to customer feedback?

Who needs to focus on customer feedback?

See if your organization could benefit from the information provided by customer feedback.

Why is customer feedback important?

Find out what customer feedback can tell you that other sources of data can’t.

What do you need to make customer feedback actionable?

Put together a plan to tackle the feedback that matters the most.

With wisdom from real PMs

Customer feedback—as discussed by the people making decisions based on it.

Never underestimate the power of honing in on the right customer feedback to discover problems that need to be solved. Customer feedback is a strong starting point for figuring out those problems worth solving, which you can then validate with more in-depth quantitative research.

- From the eBook

Includes insights from these expert product managers

Melody Mejeh, head of product management at Include Robbie Goldfarb, Product at facebook Jo Engreitz, Porudct & Growth at John Peltier, Senior Manager of Global Product Marketing at SAI Global

About this guide

PMs are constantly burning out from processing the overwhelming amount of information that comes their way. Because of this time-consuming context-switching between sources of information, PMs often don’t spend enough time listening to, processing and really analyzing customer feedback. And customer feedback is crucial to building customer-centric products.

If you’re a PM who’s wondering how to make customer feedback a pillar of product planning and research, but you’re not sure how to start, this ebook is for you. You’ll find the reasons you need to be paying more attention to customer feedback, how you can extract the value from it, and the real-world advice of seasoned PMs who’ve been doing it for a while.

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