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Systematically prioritize what to build next

Prioritize your product ideas using Roadmunk’s built-in product management best practices


Take the guesswork out of prioritization

Implement a repeatable, systematic prioritization method. Continually surface what your team should focus on next.

Start with a built-in prioritization template

Choose from two ready-to-use templates, designed with product management best practices in-mind:

  • Value vs. effort
  • R.I.C.E. (reach, impact, confidence and effort)
Try a prioritization template
three ideas prioritized based on reach, impact, confidence, effort with a final R.I.C.E. score

Add customer-validated ideas

There is no shortage of great ideas in a product team. However, it’s not always easy to directly connect a great idea to customer feedback. With Roadmunk, directly link collected feedback to ideas to make credible, customer-driven product decisions.

two ideas on the Idea Prioritization board

Assign values to your ideas

Built-in prioritization factors provide a simple mechanism for product teams to visualize and measure an idea’s potential impact. For example, use the “effort” factor to visualize how much work it would take to make an idea happen—assign a value of 1 for a quick win and 5 for a heavy lift.

custom factors with a score of 4 out of 5 and 75 percent

Rank ideas by prioritization score

The values you assign to an idea will impact its prioritization score. For example, an idea that has been marked as high effort will have a lower prioritization score because of its impact on team resources.

Once all ideas have been rated and scored, Roadmunk will systematically rank ideas from highest to lowest score—surfacing which ideas your team should focus on next.

idea being drag and dropped into new ranking

Create a custom prioritization model

Use custom factors to build a weighted prioritization framework that’s right for your product team.

For example, create weighted factors to measure against:

  • High-level company goals
  • Objectives and key results
  • Competitive advantage
4 custom-named factors with on and off toggle

Promote ideas to your roadmap

Promote your high-impact product ideas to a roadmap and commit to making them happen. With Roadmunk’s simple and powerful roadmapping features, you can choose between different visualizations (timeline or swimlane) and create multiple roadmap views from one data set.

Try a roadmap template
idea card with arrow pointing to corresponding roadmap item with the same name

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