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Create and present boardroom-ready roadmaps

Align your whole organization with crystal-clear product roadmaps.

pencil writing lines

Intuitive roadmap planning

So long spreadsheets and ad-hoc tools. Build roadmaps that clearly communicate what’s coming down your product pipeline.

Integrate your roadmap with Jira Jira icon

Connect a high-level strategy with your day-to-day planning. Sync your data seamlessly between Roadmunk and Jira. You can choose between an automatic one- or two-way sync.

Or build your own integrations via API
integrate jira with an item card

Integrate your roadmap with Azure DevOps azure devops

It’s simple and quick to sync a project to a roadmap, combine all important data, and create a beautiful visualization that syncs right back to the source. Keep high-level strategy in sync with daily development.

Read more about Azure DevOps
azure devops board syncing with Roadmunk roadmap

Visualize Linked Items between roadmap initiatives

Link an item to any other item–even if it exists on someone else’s roadmap–to identify relationships between initiatives. Choose between three types of Linked Items: Blocking When an item is blocked by another item. , Moves With When two items are moving in tandem with each other. and Relates To When two items are associated with each other, regardless of their dates. .

two dependent roadmap items linked with a dotted line

Add more detail with sub-items, key dates + item progress

Create two levels of roadmap items: items and sub-items. Use key dates to benchmark item stages or decision points. Use item progress to visualize completion status.

Added level of roadmap detail using sub-items, key dates, item progress

Collaborate on product strategy

Share plans, solicit feedback and centralize strategy within one tool.

Roadmap with your whole team

Get your whole team collaborating directly within a roadmap. Work together to build a strategy, comment on items and attach files—so no important tasks or considerations are missed.

multiple team members added to one item

Give review-only access to stakeholders

Reviewer seats allow designated stakeholders to comment on a roadmap without editing it—perfect for stakeholders at the executive level who want to review cross-functional roadmaps.

comments from reviewers on an item card
Portfolio Roadmaps

Roll up multipleroadmaps into one

Get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening across your whole organization by rolling up multiple roadmaps into a shareable, editable Porfolio roadmap. See—at a glance—how different teams, products, product lines or programs fit together.

three roadmaps combined into one portfolio roadmap
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Present your roadmaps with confidence

Lead more effective roadmap presentations—whether you’re updating your team or presenting to your board.

Create and save unlimited views

Pivot and filter your data to tell a relevant story to each stakeholder. Before presenting your roadmap, create and save a new view to show only the items that matter to your audience.

Try filtering by:

Status Owner Department
Pivoted roadmap data filtered by status, owner and department

Brand your roadmap

Add a company logo and unique color palette to create a branded roadmap. Add your vision statement at the top of your roadmap to keep the long-term goal and mission front-and-centre.

Roadmap branded with a custom color palette and logo

Seamlessly share and export your roadmap

When it’s time to share or present your roadmap:

  • Instantly create boardroom-ready slides by exporting your roadmap to PNG
  • Share an interactive HTML or a password-protected URL version of your roadmap
  • Use presentation mode to effortlessly display the roadmap in full-screen—all without leaving the app
export to URL, PNG, HTML or present in full screen

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