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Roadmunk for Jira

Connect your high-level strategy with day-to-day planning by syncing your data seamlessly between Roadmunk and Jira.

Jira Roadmunk item integration
Roadmunk to Jira integration logos

Say bye to double data entry

Sync on your schedule

With our Jira integration, the changes you make to your issues in Jira Software will be reflected in your roadmap — and vice versa. Set up your data to automatically sync on schedule or use manual sync for complete control.

Build a beautiful Jira Roadmap

Bring your backlog, epics and stories to life with beautiful roadmap visualizations that are not possible in Jira. Use both Swimlane and Timeline views to create crystal clear strategies for time and resource allocation.

Create a Jira roadmap that works with your existing setup and workflows

technology template product template agile template three jira roadmaps combined into one roadmap

Roadmunk for Jira is built for how you roadmap

Syncing arrows

Two-Way Sync

With two-way sync, the changes that you make in Jira will be reflected in your roadmap—and vice versa—saving you time and keeping your team organized.

Single syncing arrow

One-Way Sync

For teams that want more control over their configuration, one-way sync only pushes data from Jira to Roadmunk.

Jira Query Language

Custom JQL

Customize your configuration with Jira Query Language (JQL). Use Jira's advanced database search to pull in the right level of detail for your team’s planning.


Date Mapping

Your Jira issues that include start and finish dates will instantly be visible in the Timeline view of your roadmap when synced to Roadmunk.

pinned location on map

Field Mapping

Existing Jira fields are automatically mapped to Roadmunk, making it easy to track progress by pivoting on fields like issue type and status.


Support for Jira
Cloud and Server

Roadmunk for Jira supports users that have set up their Jira servers in either the cloud or locally.

Simple, one-time setup

Admin credentials are not required to use Roadmunk for Jira once your initial setup is complete

Jira Software integrated into Roadmunk Add an Integration

For account admins

Tell us about your Jira Software once, and all collaborators will be able to use the integration within their roadmaps.

Intregrate Jira icon Set up Jira Intregration

For collaborators

Within your roadmap, select the integrate button in the top nav, sign in to Jira and select the appropriate project.