As a PM, you know that being able to build and establish trust to make the right decisions faster can be a challenge, especially with a non-technical audience. One way to escalate that trust process and grow confidence in your ability to deliver, is by being able to visually communicate your strategy through stunning roadmap visuals with data-driven formatting so that you can pivot the views to each relevant audience. It also helps if your roadmaps can be easily shared, preferably via secure URL. The importance of the function of shareability is that flexible collaboration, advanced sharing capabilities and customized views allow you to promote transparency amongst your stakeholders while staying informed of your team’s progress.

Clunky Roadmaps

That’s easier said than done though. If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know that building roadmaps in Excel, PPT or Microsoft Project is clunky, tedious and time consuming posing a real problem for product managers. The results are unwieldy, hard to manipulate and difficult to visualize. What you’re really looking for is a tool that allows you to create visually captivating roadmaps that actually engage executives, facilitating alignment. Just as importantly,you need a tool that is easy to use, with simple data entry and manipulation, that will save time and increase productivity.

Lack of Alignment

Saving time and increasing productivity requires that you facilitate and expedite alignment and decision making. To do so, it would be of immense help if you had a tool that served as your single source of truth between departments allowing you to gather all the inputs you need to understand how and why decisions were made. .It’s much easier to gain cohesion between IT teams and the rest of the business when every team is looking at the same thing. Roadmunk has multiple views that allow you to tell stories with your data that is tailored to the audience at hand. You can even drill down further with data manipulation tools based on where the conversation is going. This approach helps you add more value to your meetings and enables faster, data-driven decision making.

Inconsistent Data Views

It’s important not only to be able to visualize roadmaps and plans for discussion, but also to be able to easily adapt and manipulate the plans, and the data behind them, with simple drag and drop functionality. The tool you need will allow you to do so and and will show the links between items, not just within one roadmap, but across multiple roadmaps to provide you with a 30,000 foot view of all projects on the go with all associated item links.

Double Entry

Many of the PMs we work with and speak to use Jira or Azure DevOps. What these PMs tell us is that their product management problems require that they have a roadmapping and planning tool that not only delivers stunning visuals and associated benefits, but that it enables bi-directional data-flow because they need to be able to easily enter and manipulate their data in their tool of choice.

If you have experienced any of these problems and issues as a product manager, it’s of use to note that Roadmunk solves for all of them, and offers a two week free trial for you to explore and experience what it offers for yourself.