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Product Roadmaps: A complete guide for product managers

An all-around handbook for product managers who want to get better at approaching, building, and formatting a product roadmap—using a customizable product roadmap template.

Product Roadmap ebook cover

What's in the product roadmap eBook?

Chapter 1

See why your product roadmap should be a statement of intent

Chapter 2

Determine which product roadmap format suits your needs (Includes Roadmunk’s ready-to-use product roadmap templates)

Chapter 3

Gather the strategic parts you need to build a product roadmap

Chapter 4

Learn best practices for getting alignment and buy-in on your product roadmap (+ tips for sharing and presenting a product roadmap)

Product roadmaps are an instrumental tool in a product manager’s toolbox. They’re so much more than a communication document or a literal “roadmap” that outlines how to get from point A to B. They’re statements of intent—they create clearer strategies and align stakeholders more efficiently. So, really, there’s no reason why product managers shouldn’t have one.

Latif Nanji,

CEO & Co-Founder of Roadmunk

About this guide

The product roadmap exists to make the lives of product teams much easier. It’s a dynamic, collaborative tool that allows you to communicate your product vision and product strategy.

A product roadmap is not a literal map of directions. Before you get started, you need to establish why you need it, how you’ll build it, what format you’ll use, what initiatives you’ll prioritize, and how you’ll inject the user’s needs into it above everything else.

You have a ton of questions about the product roadmap. This eBook is here to help you answer them. And to help you organize your product roadmap, we included practical, actionable product roadmap templates that you can customize by signing up for a free trial.

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