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Digital Marketing Roadmap Templates

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What is a digital marketing roadmap?

Digital marketing roadmaps visualize how marketers use different channels to promote their product or organization. Digital marketing channels include SEO & SEM, social media, email, display/banner advertising and website conversion rate optimization (CRO). With so many channels in a marketer’s toolbox, digital marketing roadmaps bring clarity to complex plans, and help highlight the most important initiatives. Marketing leaders also use digital marketing roadmaps to promote their strategy throughout their organization. It’s a powerful tool for establishing buy-in, support and enthusiasm for marketing initiatives.

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Need a custom data set? You don’t need a different roadmap. Tailor what you show, then save that view for later.


Visualize how resources will be allocated by assigning roadmap items to specific people or departments.


Highlight major dates and initiatives with roadmap milestones.

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Personalize your plan with custom color palettes and flexible export options.

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