Chapter 4

8+ free customizable product roadmap templates

There isn't just one type of product roadmap. Product teams have a lot on the go — from managing a product or two (or three or four), coordinating feature launches and managing development / design resources. With this in mind, we created seven different product roadmap templates to help product teams stay on track.

Check ‘em out — you’ll definitely find one or two (or three or four) that will work for you and your team.

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1. Product roadmap template

Let's start with the basics. This bread-and-butter product roadmap template illustrates a team's high-level product strategy. It includes upcoming features and technical considerations — while also demonstrating how a product will evolve over time.

Product teams can use this holistic iteration of a roadmap to align executives and other departments on their long-term product vision.

Timeline: Use the Timeline view of the product roadmap template to chart how your product will grow over time. You can organize your tasks within key buckets — including new features, infrastructure and stickiness.

product roadmap template

Swimlane: If you require more flexibility, use Swimlane to sort tasks based on progress, not time.

product roadmap template

Try the product roadmap template and make it your own.

2. Portfolio roadmap template

For organizations that have more than one product on the market, the portfolio roadmap template is 👌. It provides a high-level overview of what's going on with the entire product line. Product managers can use this to show stakeholders how each individual product will evolve and how they all relate to each other.

Timeline: Use the Timeline view of the portfolio roadmap template to illustrate how how your family of products will hit the market and grow.

portfolio roadmap template

Swimlane: Swimlane provides a quick snapshot of how each part of your product line is progressing.

portfolio roadmap template

Try the portfolio roadmap template to illustrate how your product family will grow.

3. Product development roadmap template

The product development roadmap template provides product teams with a tool that cleary communicates where a product is going — and it helps PMs align all stakeholders on the chosen direction.

This roadmap shows how a product will enter the market and compete in it — while ensuring cohesion and support across all stages of the product development process.

product development roadmap template

Timeline: The Timelane view turns your release plans, technical stories, design projects and marketing initiatives into a crystal-clear plan with set deadlines and deliverables.

product development roadmap template

Swimlane: Perfect for agile teams, the Swimlane view tracks the progress of your product development strategy.

Try the product development roadmap template to build out a solid strategy.

4. Product launch roadmap template

The product launch roadmap template illustrates your entire go-to-market strategy — all the way from pre- to post-launch.

This is a roadmap that crosses departmental lines to include all of the stakeholders involved in a product launch — including product, development, marketing and sales. It clearly outlines all of the tasks required to make sure that pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics are successfully executed.

Timeline: Timeline view can be used to document how your go-to-market strategy will progress over a set time frame. You can organize tasks by department and other buckets important to your planning.

product launch roadmap template

Swimlane: With Swimlane, you can sort your go-to-market tasks into categories like pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

product launch roadmap template

Try the product launch roadmap template to plan your next go-to-market strategy.

5. Feature roadmap template

The feature roadmap template is a great tool for PMs to track the development and releases of their product’s key features. This roadmap also communicates the direction of a product's feature development to internal and external stakeholders.

This roadmap hones in on feature development without going into detail on other areas within the organization — keeping the focus on initiatives that add value to users.

feature roadmap template

Timeline: Use Timeline to visualize the future of your product and illustrate when new features will be coming through your pipeline.

feature roadmap template

Swimlane: Alternately, Swimlane buckets your features into buckets that are not tied to deadlines.

Try the feature roadmap to align your team on what features are coming and when.

6. Software roadmap template

The software roadmap template is used by product and engineering teams to keep track of software development processes at a high level. This template visualizes both short- and long-term initiatives that an organization needs to launch new features and stay ahead of the market.

A software roadmap often includes tasks that cross different technical teams — like development, product and design — to plan out how they'll work together to hit their collective goals.

Timeline: This view can be used to see how each team’s projects will be delivered over time.

software roadmap template

Swimlane: For teams that don't adhere to strict deadlines, use Swimlane to track progress.

software roadmap template

Try the software roadmap to align your technical teams on upcoming projects.

7. Agile roadmap template

For the most flexible of product teams, the agile roadmap template illustrates how your product strategy will evolve without a heavy focus on dates. The agile roadmap is more concerned with themes or progress.

The agile roadmap template includes four different iterations.

Theme: This version of the agile roadmap groups initiatives into high-level themes.

agile roadmap template

Fuzzy time: Build a Swimlane that organizes tasks into loose buckets of time.

agile roadmap template

Sprint: Plan out your releases for both the short- and long-term.

agile roadmap template

Agile-ish: For when you need to know when tasks will happen but can't quite assign deadlines.

agile roadmap template

Try the agile roadmap template — no matter your agile style.

8. Startup roadmap template

This roadmap can help a company document—as well as communicate visually and concisely—how the business will launch and scale during its startup days (or months, or years).

Building a startup is not a smooth process—growth is often messy and experimental. Startup roadmaps bring clarity to the chaos. They can help guide your team, maintain perspective and bring visibility into what the plan is for reaching the end goal.

Because startups are new, they are not yet heavily processed. A roadmap is a high-level, lightweight way for growing companies to keep the big picture in mind. It ensures your team stays focused on the core activities that will add value for your customers.

With a timeline startup roadmap, you can chart the key projects and milestones you’ll need to complete in order to get your product off the introductory phase.


And when timelines are unrealistic (as they usually are with startups just getting started), you can use our swimlane startup roadmap. With Swimlane, you can focus on progress—not deadlines you know you can’t hit.


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