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Capture customer feedback in one place

Get the feedback you need to make customer-driven product decisions.


Never miss important customer feedback

Keep a pulse on how in-market products are performing. Capture, manage, filter and analyze a high volume of user insights in the feedback inbox.

Invite customer-facing teams to submit feedback

Sales, success and support teams have frontline access to user insights that often get lost between customer meetings and calls. With Roadmunk, these teams can ensure that customer feedback is delivered directly to the product team.

Invitation prompt for customer-facing teams to submit customer feedback

Collect customer feedback from anywhere

Roadmunk’s Chrome extension provides customer-facing teams with a simple, non-disruptive way to capture and submit feedback directly to the product team from Salesforce, email, chat boxes and other browser-based tools—all without interrupting their workflows.

ChromeGet the Roadmunk Chrome extension
The Roadmunk API

Integrate with existing feedback tools via API

Build integrations and seamlessly connect Roadmunk to the feedback management tools your team is already using. Our GraphQL API gives product teams a simple, powerful way to integrate custom and third-party apps.

Learn more about the Roadmunk API
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Only see the feedback you need

Each piece of feedback gets directed to a product or feature—so you’ll only need to review the feedback that's relevant to the product area you’re working on. The same goes for every product manager on your team.

Product area dropdown for tagging customer feedback with Integrations Product Area

Connect feedback to your backlog

Create a backlog that’s rooted in real user needs by linking feedback to product ideas. Then, use Roadmunk’s prioritization features to systematically surface your highest-impact ideas.

Learn more about idea prioritization

Close the customer feedback loop

Import your customer list into Roadmunk to keep track of where feedback is coming from. Later, product, sales and support teams will know who to follow up with when a paint-point-solving makes it to market.

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