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Our guides and roadmap templates will help you build your first (or tenth) roadmap. Get the tools + know-how to create beautiful, crystal clear visualizations that simply (and effectively) communicate your strategy. Whether you’re building a product roadmap or a marketing roadmap, we gotchu.

Product Management Guides

Your one-stop shop for product management resources and best practices. Get practical advice about product planning and prioritization to kick-start / refresh your product management strategy. Get tactical advice (from real, hard-knock PMs) to build better products.

About this Product Management Guide

Roadmunk is a roadmapping tool that makes it easy to share and visualize your product strategy.

One thing we’ve learned from talking to countless product managers is that they’re always hungry for valuable content to help them get to that next level. We’re talking content that goes beyond the basics. This is especially hard to come by in an online world where it feels like you’re constantly navigating an endless ocean of 101s. So, we created this product management guide.

We understand that you’re an established PM who has seen some ships go down. You need information that will inspire you to become a better product manager. The questions “What does a product manager do?” and “How to start a career in product management” are left for someone else to answer. We see you. We get you.

You need the right tools to help you understand and serve your customers, your product, your team, and your stakeholders. You’re looking for more effective shortcuts to get alignment and buy-in for your strategy, your idea management, and your roadmap. You want to get better at building the right products, for the right market, at the right time.

You’re just an all-around product management nerd, and so are we.

This guide is for you, the established PM.

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