50 product management blogs and publications product managers love to read

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie PM or a veteran in your field, there are tons of product management blogs worth checking out. Getting ready for your first PM interview? There’s a blog for that. Need a detailed how-to on some obscure product challenge? There’s a blog for that. Just feeling kind of “stuck” today? There are definitely many blogs for that.

One of the really awesome things about the PM community is the degree to which knowledge-sharing has become second-nature. So we decided to compile our favorite product management blogs. Note: this is not a complete list. There are some great sites we ended up having to leave on the table — at least for now. We’re planning to update this list soon, so let us know if we forgot an essential entry!

To help parse the sheer volume of PM writing out there, we’ve organized this list into 8 categories that include The Classics, The Communities, The Influencers, The Educators, Best of Medium, Design & UX, and content For Startups

Obviously, there is overlap between these buckets. Most influencers are educators, and most of our favourite Medium writers are definitely influencers, as well. These categories are intended as a loose guide, not pigeonholes.

The Classics

1. Pragmatic Institute

Our own CEO, Latif, often credits Pragmatic Marketing for getting him up to speed during his early years in product. They actually have five different product management blogs, each hosted on their own domain. But beyond their designated “blog” content, the site includes pretty much every other type of resource for product managers. Infographics! Webinars! A magazine! They do everything.

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2. Mind the Product

You’ve been to the meetups. The conference is in your calendar. Now read the dang blog already! Could MTP be the mother of all product management sites? They feature writing from some of the most interesting and insightful people in the business. Must-read stuff.

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3. 280 Group

280 Group is there for you when you want to beef up on product strategy — or when you need a pep talk. This training and consulting firm is one of the most established (and prolific) hubs for PM content.

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4. Reforge

Product people might know Reforge as the growth program for product managers who want to learn from “top leaders at the fastest growing companies”. But, fun fact, they also produce high quality content on product management. And the best part is that you don’t have to miss a single one thanks to their newsletter.

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5. Silicon Valley Product Group

This no-frills website features product advice from Silicon Valley coach Marty Cagan, whose former gigs include eBay, AOL, Netscape and HP. Cagan’s writing is both helpful and personal. He offers insider advice gained from his deep roots in the Valley’s tech community.

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The Communities

6. Product Manager HQ

This is one of our favorite PM resources. The world’s largest Slack product community, PMHQ often hosts AMAs with leading product managers. Their site also includes articles and guest posts on career development. TL;DR: Go here to get hired/inspired.

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7. Product Hive

Don’t be deterred by the fact that this group is based on Utah and for Utah-based product managers. Their slack group is active, but not too saturated with tens of thousands of people where discussions can get lost. Here you’ll find thoughtful discussions and collaboration between product professionals. And they're content on Medium is worth a read.

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8. Product Coalition

Medium has become such a popular outlet for product managers that we’re dedicating an entire section of this roundup to Medium all-stars. But if you don’t have the bandwidth for yet another online community, just visit Product Coalition. Run by Jay Stansell, this publication aggregates awesome product writing from around Medium. And they have a Slack community, too

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The Companies

9. First Round Review

Learn from the smartest product managers at the coolest companies. First Round Review specializes in long-form interviews with superstar PMs. Like Airbnb’s Jonathan Golden. And Reddit’s co-VPs of product Alex Le and Kavin Stewart. And Uber’s Frederique Dame. And, and, and…

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10. Inside Intercom

We’re a little obsessed with Intercom’s intelligent, highly opinionated approach to product management content. They don’t do the usual “how to” schtick. They’ve got smart people on staff with ideas to share. Extra points for their gorgeous illustration.

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11. InVision’s Inside Design

Design conundrum? InVision has you covered, whether you’re looking for tactical tips or more, er, existential guidance. A LOT of design challenges are political — and InVision gets that. They write extensively on psychology, productivity and dealing with disagreements.

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12. Fresh Tilled Soil

This Boston-based product and UX firm writes a consistently engaging product management blog covering the intricacies of strategy, design and productivity. You can also follow them on Medium, if that’s how you roll. In short: a lovely, helpful read.

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The Influencers

13. Ken Norton

A Google Ventures Partner, Ken Norton is one of the most creative and encouraging thought leaders in the field.

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14. Nir and Far

Attn: armchair psychologists (and regular-chair product managers). Author Nir Eyal is essential reading for anyone interested in user behavior and psychology. His popular book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, proposes a four-step process for building sticky products. Visit his archives for a trove of insightful content.

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15. Andrew Chen

Uber’s Andrew Chen delivers essays via his weekly(ish) newsletter, but you can also read his writing directly from his personal site. According to his LinkedIn, Chen has written OVER 700 ESSAYS. So, a lot.

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16. Learning by Shipping

In his Medium-hosted publication, Andreesen Horowitz partner Steven Sinofsky delves into technology, productivity and the business side of product management. Also, why his tablet has stickers. (Spoiler: They’re not just there for decoration.)

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17. Josh Elman

Josh Elman’s resume almost reads like a parody of a dream PM resume: it’s got Twitter, Facebook AND LinkedIn. These days, Elman is a partner at Greylock Partners. He blogs on Medium, naturally — it’s in Greylock’s portfolio.

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18. Ben Horowitz

If you haven’t read Ben Horowitz’ classic piece Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager, then… well, you’re probably not even reading THIS piece because any human interested in product management would have read that first. Horowitz’ product management blog isn’t updated very frequently these days, but it’s got more than enough archive content to keep your eyeballs busy.

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19. Jason Fried

Basecamp Founder & CEO Jason Fried draws on his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and product leader to deliver inspiring — and cliché-busting — ideas via his Medium account. The ideal PM pick-me-up.

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20. Ryan Hoover

In recent years, Product Hunt has emerged as a crucial source for intel on product trends, releases and quirky ephemera. Its founder, Ryan Hoover, maintains a fun blog on Medium — just in case you didn’t get enough geek-out time on Product Hunt’s main site.

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21. David Cancel

Currently the CEO of Drift, David Cancel has a long and impressive history as an entrepreneur and product leader. In short: he knows how to build and scale worthwhile products. Another thing he’s good at: sharing knowledge with others. (Bonus: you also might want to check out the Drift blog and the Seeking Wisdom podcast — we’re fans.)

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The Educators

22. Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler is definitely a fan favourite when it comes to product management learning. A product consultant, Pichler offers in-depth posts on some of the more complex product challenges, as well as leadership guidance for up-and-coming PMs. A must-have on any product management reading list.

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23. Product Talk

Teresa Torres is one of the smartest people writing about product today. She publishes meaty, longform articles that explain, IN DETAIL, how product managers can revolutionize their work. Reading Torres, you get the sense that she cares deeply about her work.

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24. Folding Burritos

Portugal-based product consultant Daniel Zacarias has mastered the quality vs. quantity conundrum. He doesn’t churn out volume, but rather attacks key product management topics in exhaustive detail. Really great for wrapping your head around dense — but important — PM concepts.

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25. Tomasz Tunguz

In our humble opinion, the best product management blogs are the ones written by product managers who are eager to share what they’ve learned with their colleagues. Tomasz Tunguz’s bite-sized insights are a good example of that kind of content. As a venture capitalist at Redpoint, Tomasz writes about all things product, startups and technology including customer success, data, marketing and strategy.

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26. Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov’s product management blog is probably the most long standing on our list: it started back in 2002. Two thousand and two. But even his earliest posts are still relevant, addressing topics like recruiting beta customers and the role of the “secret shopper.”

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27. Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri does not whip off PM puff pieces. Her posts are in-depth and thought-provoking, tackling some of the most knotty product management challenges. Also, if you don’t already know about the Build Trap, you might be at risk of getting caught in it.

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28. Shardul Mehta’s Street Smart Product Manager

Shardul, a self-described “serial product guy, entrepreneur, product management exec” from Washington D.C., has created a blog where he shares “practical real-life lessons” on product. In Shardul’s own words:

I’m intrigued by frameworks, methodologies and models, and I’ve learned a lot from product leaders like Rich Mironov, Bruce McCarthy, Kevin Dewalt, and Marty Cagan. But most of what I’ve learned I’ve done so through field testing, hands-on application, and by making lots of mistakes. There is no substitute for practical real-life lessons.

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29. How to Be a Good Product Manager

Sirius Decisions’ Jeff Lash founded his blog wayyyyy back in 2006, and maintains it to this day. The archive includes thoughtful writing on pretty much all aspects of product management — but we’re especially fond of the posts about self-improvement.

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30. Adam Nash’s Psychohistory

You know you can listen to the advice of a PM when they’re CV lists companies like: Dropbox, Wealthfront, LinkedIn, eBay, and Apple. In his personal blog, Adam dives into “the intersection of [his] passions for technology and economics and [his] fascination with people and their motivations.”

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Best of medium

31. Brandon Chu

Brandon Chu writes fun, personal posts based on his experiences working for companies like Shopify and Freshbooks. We really appreciate his frank tone and in-the-trenches anecdotes. Plus, he’s Canadian. ??

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32. Ellen Chisa

We’re big Ellen Chisa fans around here. In fact, we recently interviewed her about the role of writing in product management. Ellen has gained a strong following for her insightful writing on some of the challenges associated with working in both product and tech, including career frustration and issues of gender diversity.

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33. Lulu Cheng

Pinterest’s Lulu Cheng recently pivoted into product management from marketing, and has documented her transition. She’s probably been the most successful writer yet to tackle the perennial question: How technical does a product manager really need to be?

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34. Bo Ren

Tumblr’s Bo Ren uses Medium to chart her personal journey in product management — but with a caveat: “This is not a how-to guide.” Bo’s writing exemplifies a growing trend in the PM community. Often pointing a spotlight on issues of diversity, she doesn’t just talk about how to develop a PM skill set, but rather offers a series of essays and critiques on the field itself.

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35. Matt LeMay

A big reason we like Matt LeMay: he revamped that totally over-shared product management Venn diagram. Another reason: his blogs are fun to read and actually helpful. He doesn’t just talk about how to be a product manager, but how it feels to work in product.

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36. Jess Ratcliffe

We like Jess Ratcliffe’s product management blog so much, we interviewed her about it. Each week, Jess grabs coffee with an awesome woman working in product, and publishes their conversation on Medium. A great way to (vicariously) get to know your product heroes.

Read this first: Coffee with Merci Grace

37. John Cutler

A prolific Medium contributor, John Cutler is an awesome source for fast tips and light-a-fire-under-your-ass inspiration. Oh, and he recently published amazing pictures of his 100-day doodle challenge.

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Design and UX

38. Julie Zhuo

Facebook product design VP Julie Zhuo was named the #1 product management influencer in NomNom and Data Stories recent analysis of PM content on Medium. Not only is her writing extremely insightful, Julie herself just seems straight-up cool.

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39. Users Know

Laura Klein has made it her mission to help startups master UX. Her book, UX for Lean Startups, gives startup product leaders the tools to connect with their users. Prefer a shorter read? Her blog is a great source for user-focused research and ideas.

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40. UserOnboard

In his signature “teardowns,” Portland-based designer Samuel Hulick walks readers through the onboarding process for various apps, dishing out sassy commentary along the way. Helpful UX lessons PLUS comedy. Can we be his friend?

Read this first: How Kimoji onboards new users

41. Cindy Alvarez

Cindy Alvarez is a longtime leader in user experience and customer development. Director of UX at Yammer, she blogs about nurturing customers, honing communication, and product design. She has also tackled issues surrounding workplace culture — including the less-fun parts.

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For startups

42. Hunter Walk

A partner at Homebrew, Hunter Walk focuses on growing startups — and their products. His hugely popular product management blog is part tech criticism, part knowledge-sharing, plus interviews with super-smart people working in PM.

Read this first: Google finds that successful teams are about norms not just smarts

43. Steve Blank

Steve Blank’s 2005 book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win, lay the groundwork for how we see and engage customer development today. On his blog, Blank continues to write about customer-driven entrepreneurship and disrupting big companies.

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44. Startup Lessons Learned

If you’re in product at a startup and you haven’t read Eric Ries’ hugely influential 2011 book The Lean Startup, don’t bother reading ANY of these blogs until you have. After that, spend some time on Startup Lessons Learned, Ries’ ongoing blog.

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45. Benedict Evans

Another Andreessen Horowitz partner, Benedict Evans mixes tech commentary with entrepreneurial advice on his fun blog. Less tactical, his writing examines major tech trends and how they fit into the startup/business landscape.

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Misc. but not least

46. Sachin Rekhi

What’s great about so many product management blogs is that they’re not self-promotional — it’s really all about knowledge-sharing. Sachin Rekhi exemplifies that attitude. In his essays (which he also delivers via a weekly newsletter), he shares ideas and observations from over a decade working as a PM in Silicon Valley.

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47. The Product Guy

Product manager and friendly floating head Jeremy Horn has been writing The Product Guy blog since 2007. One of its most fun features: The Best Product Person (TBPP for short), an annual competition “honoring excellence in product management.”

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48. Product Management Meets Pop Culture

Boston-based product manager Christopher Cummings uses analogies to Pokémon, Batman, and a range of fun pop culture touchpoints to explore important (and sometimes complicated) PM topics. A must-read for comic-book fans. A fun read for everyone.

Read this first: Pokémon Go: A Mobile Product Manager’s Perspective

49. The Art of Product Management

Asana PM Jackie Bavaro doesn’t just use Quora to answer questions — it’s where she hosts her insightful blog, The Art of Product Management. Her posts are encouraging, detailed, and introvert-friendly.

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50. The Clever PM

The Clever PM is the anonymous advice column for the product management world. Written by a mysterious, Seattle-based product manager (Cliff Gilley in real life — according to LinkedIn), the site provides handy tips and inspiration for fellow product managers.

Read this first: Just because you’re delighted by your product doesn’t mean your users are!

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