Agile roadmaps

Build an agile roadmap, whatever your agile style.

Agile roadmaps 101

If you’re on an agile team looking to implement a product roadmap, this hub will break down the basics of agile product roadmaps. Discover why product roadmaps fit into agile, how real-world organizations are using agile product roadmaps, and some planning tips and best practices for your agile product roadmap.

Chapter 1

Are agile product roadmaps counterintuitive?

Chapter 2

Agile product roadmap strategies from 5 product managers

Chapter 3

A 5-step guide to agile product roadmap planning

Chapter 4

5 best practices for your agile product roadmap

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What is an agile roadmap?

For agile teams, product roadmaps can seem counterintuitive since time and deadlines theoretically don’t fit within agile methodology. But at Roadmunk, we think it’s possible to build and manage a product roadmap that is as nimble as an agile team. And we also believe that there’s a roadmap for every agile product team, even though agile product teams are structured in a variety of ways.

A well-crafted agile product roadmap illustrates how your product or technology will evolve — with a lot of flexibility. Unlike time-based product roadmaps, which focus on dates, an agile roadmap should center around themes and progress. Plans can and will change for an agile team (often). so an agile product roadmap outlines where you’re going, not a hard-and-fast plan.

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