Roadmapping Basics

Product Management how-tos and tools, all in one place.

Roadmaps 101

We’ve got you covered on the basics of creating a great roadmap. These foundational elements are applicable to all kinds of roadmaps — from product roadmaps to marketing roadmaps. Follow our guides to creating beautiful, crystal clear roadmaps.

Chapter 1

What is a roadmap?

Chapter 2

Design tips to create a roadmap that is boardroom-ready

Chapter 3

How to ace your roadmap presentation

Chapter 4

Managing executives in the roadmapping process

Chapter 5

Seven free roadmap templates for creating organization-wide alignment & communication

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What is a roadmap?

The simplest definition of a roadmap is this: a visual representation of a plan. A well-crafted roadmap succinctly conveys how a team will get where they’re going — including which resources are required and when important deliverables are due.

One of the most popular types of roadmaps is the product roadmap. Roadmaps provide a crystal clear way for product teams to visualize how their product will evolve over time. Because a product roadmap is a visual plan, it plays really well in a presentation — making it a great tool for PMs to align all stakeholders on their one high-level product strategy.

Other teams have started to catch on to roadmaps and how powerful of a communication tool they can be to rally stakeholders and win executive buy-in on their plans. More and more marketing, IT and project-based teams are visualizing their strategies with roadmaps. And this is why we’ve created a Roadmapping Field Guide. Here, you’ll find the roadmapping basics — best practices that are applicable to all types of roadmapping teams — like design how-tos, presentation tips, and a guide to managing execs during the roadmapping process.

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