Business roadmaps

Chart growth initiatives across all of your teams.

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Business roadmaps 101

When planning business growth, you want a flexible document that captures and succinctly presents key goals, dates and plans of action—Not an endless document you have to sift through with a fine-tooth comb. Enter a business roadmap. They work for all teams—from marketing to sales and to HR.

Chapter 1

What is a business roadmap?

Chapter 2

Nine business roadmap examples for scaling your organization

Chapter 3

Business roadmap templates to grow your non-product teams

Chapter 4

What's a project roadmap? A primer for beginners

Chapter 5

4 real-world marketing roadmap examples

Chapter 6

Building an HR roadmap from scratch

Chapter 7

Creating a sales roadmap for a growing sales team

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Find the perfect roadmapping tool for your team's workflow

What is a business roadmap?

What is a business roadmap? Much like a business plan, it’s a long view of where your organization is going and how you’re getting there. But what differentiates it from your typical business plan is that it’s a higher-level visualization of your business’ big picture.

A business roadmap illustrates your company’s major objectives and strategies for achieving growth. For businesses comprising of multiple departments, a business roadmap prevents individual teams from being siloed off by clearly outlining the business’ future and each department’s role in upcoming growth.

Now, business growth can be illustrated in various types of roadmaps like a strategic roadmap, a startup roadmap or even something as specific as a marketing or HR roadmap. But the most common use case for mapping business growth is a roadmap that visualizes key business growth projects and deadlines across all of a company’s departments.

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