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The complete guide to product prioritization

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What's product prioritization?

“Ugh. I just want to build every single product feature idea that customers and stakeholders throw my way because they’re all valuable. I have so much time, money and employees available to work on these product ideas!” — said no PM ever.

You have a limited amount of time, cash, and manpower you can spend on any given initiative. On top of that, you have a thousand equally-loud voices to listen to, all with different priorities and problems.

It’s a lot of work! Good product prioritization gives you the confidence and the quantitative data you need to back up those decisions so you can get buy-in and alignment. Healthy product prioritization also lets you choose, classify and rank the many different inputs you get every day in a way that’s easy to communicate to your stakeholders.

Because we understand you and the challenges you face every day, we created this guide for you. You’re welcome.

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