Product Ideas

The information product teams need to turn customer feedback into validated product ideas.

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Product Ideas: how to turn customer feedback into product insight

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Where do product ideas come from?

Product ideas emerge from a combination of sources and research synthesized and compiled by the product team. The market ecosystem, the competition, the product vision—ideas and features are influenced by and benchmarked against a lot of information.

Ideas can be new products or features that push the product closer to its initial vision and strategy. And for a lot of products, the success of an idea is proportional to how well it solves the unique needs and problems of a specific user base.

Listening to feedback, capturing research insights, processing the themes that emerge, prioritizing and planning ideas on the roadmap—it seems like four different jobs for four separate product roles, but most product managers know that hustle all too well. Deciding the ideas and initiatives the team will work on doesn’t have to be chaotic, exhausting and resource-draining.

This guide is here to show you why.

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