Technology roadmaps

"Technology roadmap" is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of applications and initiatives.

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Technology roadmaps 101

If creating and maintaining a technology roadmap falls within your purview, this hub will teach you how to both create and present this necessary tool—as well as identify the most applicable type of technology roadmap for your organization.

Chapter 1

What is a technology roadmap, really?

Chapter 2

How to create a technology roadmap

Chapter 3

3 customizable technology roadmap examples

Chapter 4

5 challenges of a technology roadmap presentation

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Ten ways to build a technology roadmap

A guide to identifying and creating the right technology roadmap for your organization. Includes ten ready-to-use, customizable templates to get you started.

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What is a technology roadmap?

A technology roadmap is a powerful tool for communicating the strategy behind complex technological initiatives. It also helps create organizational alignment on what’s happening with these projects. A technology roadmap has a broad application in that it can take many different forms. Think of ‘technology roadmap’ as an umbrella term with various types of roadmaps falling under it, such as an IT systems roadmap, a development roadmap or a cloud strategy roadmap—just to name a few.

While a technology roadmap can often overlap with your product roadmap, it serves a different purpose. Your product roadmap strategizes your upcoming features and improvements to your product. Your technology roadmap, on the other hand, maps out the strategies pertaining to your infrastructure, platform and security that ultimately support your product strategy.

CTOs, engineering leads and IT managers create their own technology roadmaps to align and build clarity around the technical components of their organization. Given the widespread application of this roadmap type, we’ve created handy guides to help you create a technology roadmap best suited for you and your organization.

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