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Farewell double data entry; hello single source of truth

Integrate Roadmunk with the tools your team relies on for roadmap planning and execution.

Capture all
roadmap inputs

The API is enabled across Roadmunk’s feedback and idea management suite. Integrate with the tools your team is using to collect customer feedback and manage product ideas. Then, use collected data to inform customer-driven roadmap planning.

prioritization, feedback inbox and roadmap icons floating around roadmunk icon

Connect strategy
to execution

Integrate your product roadmap with the tools your team relies on to get work done. Sync your high-level strategy to backlog and issue tracking—eliminating the need for manual, double data-entry. And ensure that day-to-day tasks neatly roll up to your big picture plans.

newton's cradle with roadmunk icon on swinging pendulum

Simple setup and support

Get started quickly with Roadmunk’s hassle-free API setup and detailed, easy-to-understand developer resources.

Integrations screen with API Token button selected

Seamless setup and management

Account Admins can easily create, manage and revoke API access tokens in Roadmunk. API transactions are recorded and denoted in app so you know exactly which integration(s) created and/or updated your data.

API code with mutation specifications

Detailed developer resources

Developers can access Roadmunk’s in-depth API documentation, including our GraphQL Playground. These resources include all there is to know about our GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations with descriptions and code samples.

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