Just added to your roadmap toolkit: File Attachments and Bulk Editing

Building a roadmap isn’t a linear task—it’s a collective, ongoing process. And we just released two features that make flexibility and collaboration that much smoother. Not to mention they’re just straight-up handy. Take a look!

File Attachments

With File Attachments, your whole team gets the whole context—without ever leaving your roadmap. We updated our item card and added the ability to attach files. Centralize your planning by uploading external materials directly to your item cards. It could be notes, mocks, screenshots, videos—whatever is relevant to your strategy.

To attach files to your roadmap, simply click “Attach Files” and select the materials you want to upload. You can also drag-and-drop your files over any item card.


Attachments can be uploaded in batches of up to 10 files, and there’s no limit on the total number of individual files you can attach to each item card. In a rush? Here’s a trick: drop a folder of up to 10 files onto your item card. The files will display individually in a list.

You can attach up to 10MB per item card; overall storage limits vary by plan. Visit our Pricing Page for full details on data allowances for File Attachments.

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Bulk Editing in Table View

Why change items one-by-one when you can change them all at once? Plans evolve. Deadlines get pushed. Sometimes your entire roadmap needs an overhaul. We get that. And now you can integrate changes in a jif with our handy Bulk Editing feature. Edit multiple items at once, directly from Table View.

To use Bulk Editing, select multiple items in Table View by simply clicking and dragging, or by clicking individual rows using the “checkmark” column on the far left of your table.


Once multiple rows have been selected, click any individual value to change its content. All other selected values in that field will be edited to match. You can bulk edit lists, dates and free-form text. Whatever needs to change!

Want more detail on File Attachments or Bulk Editing? Visit our knowledge base for a detailed walkthrough on both features.

Happy roadmapping! 😀🔧