Introducing Jira for Roadmunk

Jira for Roadmunk is a flexible integration that bridges the gap between your high-level product vision and your day-to-day planning. Our integration supports both one- and two-way synchronization—as well as manual functionality.

Here’s how we see it: Roadmunk is a product roadmapping platform that makes it easy to build, share and present your product strategy. It sits on top of a product team’s tactical tools, like Jira.

Jira is where your product vision is diced into bite-sized to-dos. It’s used by product teams to create stories and epics, prioritize issues, and allocate engineering resources efficiently.

But two platforms stacked on top of each other means double data entry—twice the amount of work—to keep one plan up to date.

With our Jira roadmap integration, data can be seamlessly synced automatically. With two-way sync, the changes that you make in Jira will be reflected in your roadmap—and vice versa—saving you time and keeping your team organized. Alternately, one-way sync will only push updates from Jira to Roadmunk.

Jira for Roadmunk enhances your existing setup + workflows

Our Jira integration was built to work with, and enhance, your existing setup and workflows. However, It gives you the ability to create visualizations that bring together high-level product strategy and day-to-day progress—which you can’t do in Jira alone.

Plan your releases

While in Jira it’s only possible to view one release at a time, Roadmunk pulls all of your releases together into one view.

Your release roadmap can be pivoted to tell a different story to each of your stakeholders. Pivot your Jira roadmap based on the fields that are important to your audience—like status, priority and owner.

To create a release roadmap like the one above, select your “Release” or “Sprint” field as your Column Header and “Status” as your Row Header.

Forecast with more precision

Roadmunk’s Timeline view displays what’s happening when. It’s really easy to digest, even at a quick glance, providing a simple way to plan the time, effort and resources required to complete tasks. The clear visualization of roadmap items helps to prevent unrealistic deadlines and spreading resources too thin.

With our Jira roadmap integration, the items you create in Timeline view can be pushed to Jira and automatically create stories or epics so that your team can start executing ASAP.

To create an epic-based timeline roadmap that looks like the example above, select your “Epic” field as your Header.

Capture the big picture by pulling multiple epics into one roadmap

In Roadmunk, you can pull all of your epics into one roadmap. Issues can be bucketed into each epic and tracked against status, priority and other Jira fields that are key to your planning.

This roadmap can be created by choosing “Epic Link” as your Column Header and “Priority” as your Row Header.

Roll up multiple Jira projects into one Master Roadmap for the biggest picture

One Jira Project = one Roadmunk roadmap—but you can roll up multiple roadmaps into one Master Roadmap. For organizations that have multiple teams using their own respective Jira projects, this feature is especially useful. Create one high-level roadmap that brings together all Jira projects and tell a complete story of organizational programs, priorities and, progress.

Setting up Jira for Roadmunk for your whole team is simple

Roadmunk account admins only need to set up Jira for Roadmunk once. This is done within your Account Settings > Integrations > Add an integration.

From here, enter the name of your Jira server and its URL. Once you click “Create Integration,” you’re all set up.

Admin credentials are not required to use Jira for Roadmunk once this initial setup is complete, and collaborators will be able to use the integration within their roadmaps.

Collaborators can pick and choose which roadmaps they want to integrate with Jira. To create a Jira roadmap, select the Integrate button in the top nav, sign in to Jira and select the appropriate project.

A complete walkthrough of the Jira for Roadmunk set up can be viewed below, or check out this article for step-by-step instructions.

Roadmunk users can login here to set up Jira for Roadmunk. If you’re new to Roadmunk, sign up for a free 14-day trial to explore our Jira integration for yourself. Happy roadmapping!