JIRA Integration

JIRA integration

Useful roadmapping data can often be found sitting untouched in development tools, not getting the proper visibility and remaining pretty useless to the organization. There’s gold in them hills. So we got the shovels out and struck gold with Roadmunk’s brand-new JIRA integration! Pull JIRA issues into Roadmunk and plot them into your favorite view. Here are some things to know about our first version’s capabilities:

  • Import up to 200 JIRA issues and related meta data per roadmap
  • Ability to map JIRA and Roadmunk fields
  • Currently we only support the cloud version of JIRA (Server is coming soon…)
  • You can use your own JIRA login, but it is strongly recommended to use an administrative account to avoid permissions problems
  • The description field will not be formatted as Roadmunk uses mark-down and JIRA uses HTML (we will be addressing in due time; it may be recommend to avoid mapping this field)

How to import JIRA Issues into Roadmunk

Step 1: Navigate to the Table View and click on the JIRA icon.

Step 2: Enter your login information to your JIRA Cloud Server account.

Step 3: Using the three filters provided (Project, Status, Issue Type) you can narrow down which JIRA issues you’d like to import. Note: You can import from multiple projects into a single roadmap.


Step 4: Choose which JIRA fields and data you’d like to import selecting “Add Field Mapping”.


Step 5: Import away!