Talk product, eat pizza: Roadmunk’s first-ever Product & Pizza event

Product & Pizza Wrap-Up - Feature image

Sending out invites to our first Product & Pizza event felt reminiscent of sending out invites to our first grade school party. We were excited, but nervous, but super optimistic. We had a riveting line-up of panelists: Seema Lakhani from Wattpad, Brandon Chu from Shopify, Christina Perdikoulias from BlueCat Networks and Ali Tawfiq from 500px. We had a theme any product person could talk endlessly about: great mistakes. And we had pizza. Lots of it. So we thought, “Okay, this should turn out well… right?”

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Fast-forward a couple months and we’ve got over 100 of Toronto’s savviest product people crammed into one room. First thought: shit, we’re going to need a bigger venue. Followed-by: this is gonna be an awesome night. Our panelists aired their dirty, messy product mistakes and shared lessons learned—relevant for PMs of any level. Our attendees engaged and networked the hell out of our panelists and each other. And not a single slice of pizza was leftover.

For those who missed out, we put together a short video asking some of our panelists, attendees and fellow Roadmunkers to talk about their biggest rookie product mistakes… and pizza. Check out our event wrap-up below:

All in all, our verdict for the night?

Product people + pizza + great mistakes = successful product meetup

And we aren’t even done. This was only our first product meetup. We’re already planning for the fall, with a completely different theme (and a much bigger venue!). So if Product & Pizza has got you hungry for more (figuratively and literally), follow us on your social network of choice—here, here, or here—and watch out for details.

And on that note, we’ll leave you with some pictures and favourite tweets from the night. Catch you at the next Product & Pizza!

We don’t just offer product meetups and endless amounts of pizza (we wish). Roadmunk’s also got an extenstive customizable template library meant to kickstart your roadmap.


Tarif Rahman

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