Reviewer Mode

Reviewing roadmaps

Reviewer mode is here!

We’ve been exploring ways to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders. Consider that egg cracked. We are thrilled to introduce an all-new tier of Roadmunk user – the reviewer.

The reviewer model is the next step in teamwork, ensuring that your strategic vision remains a collaborative effort with visibility for those who need it.

We built the reviewer for organizations that have tight protocols and specific security requirements. The following are the primary reasons and differentiators of the reviewers mode to other options we offer:

  • Reviewers can navigate through all roadmap views and can download exports with customized options
  • Reviewers can leverage Google SSO
  • In the next iteration Reviewer will have the capability to comment on roadmap items
  • Reviewer can be viewed as more secure as only those with the proper login information and permission would have access whereas URL is available to anyone who has the URL (hence the optional password)

Who is the Reviewer Model ideal for?

  • The reviewer model is perfect for companies who have executives, stakeholders or developers (really anyone) that want real-time, on-demand access into a roadmaps. (It’s also for PM’s who know editor permissions are a safely-guarded responsibility!)
  • It’s great for ensuring roadmap integrity and securing access to plans.
  • External sxtakeholders: if you have clients, partners, or affiliates that need access to information specific to them then this is the feature for you!

How do you begin using Reviewer Mode?

Reviewer will only be available to our Business, Professional, and Enterprise packages. Reviewers are priced at $5/user with volume discounts available for organization wide access (contact for details on these discounts).

If you have an existing Roadmunk account, simply head over to your account settings and into the billing section where you can add as many reviewer users as you need. To learn more about how to manage and add reviewers, we have an article for you right here. Written with care.

As always,

Happy roadmapping.