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No-fuss planning. Add things. Change things. Move things around.

Import from CSV

Spend time focusing on what matters—not data entry. Drop a CSV directly into your roadmap.


Spotlight achievements and important dates by adding milestones to your roadmap.

File attachments

Get easy access to notes, mocks and images by attaching files directly to roadmap items.

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Share plans, solicit feedback and centralize
strategy within one tool.


Our mention system makes it easy to discuss initiatives and track progress right inside your roadmap.

Starred fields

Encourage common nomenclature and structure across your organization’s roadmaps.

Item activity feed

See what’s changed and who has been active since you last checked into your roadmap.


Strategies aren’t made to be forgotten. Notifications keep your team in the loop.

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Display your roadmap full-screen without having to leave the app.

Export to HTML & URL

Share an interactive HTML or password-protected URL version of your roadmap.

Custom color palettes

Maximize your impact by using your brand’s color scheme, or one of our curated palettes.


Prefer analog? Export in letter, legal and A4 paper formats.

Sync on your schedule

Set up your data to auto-sync on a schedule, or use manual sync for complete control.

Roadmap your backlog

Bring your backlog to life with beautiful roadmap visualizations that are not possible in Jira.

No admin creds required

Account admin credentials are not required once your initial setup is complete.

Cloud + server support

Jira for Roadmunk supports users that have set up their Jira servers in either the cloud or locally.

World-class security

We offer advanced data protection to meet the needs of global enterprise clients.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Compliant

Roadmunk is registered with the world’s leading standard for information security management systems.

Private Cloud

Protect your data by storing your roadmap in a dedicated server hosted by Amazon Web Services.

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access Roadmunk through your company's preferred identity provider.

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