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Feedback & idea management

With Roadmunk’s feedback and idea management suite, you can:

  • Centralize customer feedback
  • Create a customer-validated idea backlog
  • Systematically surface high-impact ideas
  • Promote ideas to your roadmap

How it works

feedback inbox

Capture feedback

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priority list with arrow changing order

Prioritize ideas

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Promote to roadmap

feedback inbox

Capture customer feedback

Roadmunk’s feedback inbox provides product managers with one organized place to capture, manage and review customer insights.

And, the Chrome extension makes it easy for customer-facing teams—sales, success and support—to submit feedback on behalf of users from:

  • Email
  • Salesforce (and other CRMs)
  • Support chats
  • All browser-based tools
prioritize list

Prioritize what to build next

Create a backlog that’s rooted in real user needs by linking collected feedback directly to product ideas.

Then, systematically surface your high-impact ideas using built-in prioritization templates, designed with product management best practices in mind:

  • Value vs. effort
  • R.I.C.E. (reach, impact, confidence and effort)

Or create your own prioritization model in Roadmunk.


Promote ideas to your roadmap

Commit to making an idea happen by promoting it to your roadmap.

The feedback and idea management suite was built to work with your roadmaps. With the introduction of feedback and idea management, Roadmunk provides an end-to-end solution for building and communicating your product strategy.

But wait...there's more

The Roadmunk API

The Roadmunk API, powered by GraphQL, is now available. Develop integrations with the tools your team relies on for roadmap planning and execution. The Roadmunk API will be enabled across roadmaps—as well as the feedback and idea management suite.

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