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The complete guide to product prioritization

Learn how to prioritize the user problems worth solving using qualitative and quantitative product prioritization frameworks.

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What's in the book?

Qualitative product prioritization

See where product goals, customer demand and the competition fit within the prioritization process.

Managing internal and external expectations

How to deal with the people invested in what you build: customers, stakeholders and customer-facing teams.

10 quantitative prioritization frameworks

The 10 best product prioritization frameworks used by product managers. Find one that fits your needs.

What good product prioritization looks like

The questions prioritization should help you answer (other than “What should we build next?”)

A good prioritization process gives you the confidence and the data you need to back up product decisions so you can get buy-in and alignment. Healthy product prioritization also lets you choose, classify and rank the many different inputs you get every day in a way that’s easy to communicate to your stakeholders.

Here at Roadmunk, we understand that good PMs are always looking for ways to improve their product prioritization process. That’s why we built this guide full of actionable ways to approach the often messy, stressful task of product prioritization.

Latif Nanji,

CEO & Co-Founder of Roadmunk


About this guide

Product prioritization isn’t easy. It requires having a deep understanding of the problems your customers face, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and a product strategy everyone at the organization understands. How can PMs ensure that their prioritization decisions are informed by all of that information?

Having a product prioritization process is so crucial to product success. Without one, PMs rely too much on instinct rather than data and thoughtful crowdsourced estimates. And good PMs know that their gut feeling can only take them so far. We put together this guide to show you what goes into good product prioritization. Use it to ensure your prioritization process takes into account only the most relevant factors and data.


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