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What is an agile roadmap?

An agile roadmap is a plan to deliver key features over a short period of time. Agile development teams complete regular iterations of work known as "sprints" to deliver outputs by a launch date. Naturally, the business landscape shifts over the course of the product lifecycle. The product manager creates a plan for keeping customers, agile teams and business stakeholders aligned with the developments and vision in the product strategy. We call that plan an agile roadmap.

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Agile roadmaps with Roadmunk

Aligning a variety of stakeholders takes some storytelling. With Roadmunk, product managers pivot their data instantly to display the right roadmap to the right audience. Busy product owners even roll up individual product roadmaps into a cohesive master portfolio roadmap. Users import data directly from JIRA, create a compelling product view, then publish to presentation-ready file formats to share with the team.

  • Connect and coordinate requirements across teams

  • Speed up stand-ups with clear, understandable sprint visualizations

  • Share the right plans with the right audience using customizable views

  • Teams spend time adding value to products - not updating reports

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