IT Roadmaps

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What is an IT roadmap?

An IT roadmap aligns business goals to the IT strategy needed to meet those goals. Managers define objectives in statements that prepare teams for a new working environment, called 'capabilities'. (Eg. Is the organization capable of selling products online? How long will it take to reach that capability?) Sometimes these capabilities are years in the making, so initiatives can meet stages of maturity before they're considered complete. Finally, teams need to align on who's responsible for initiatives, making ownership an important part of the IT roadmap.

Custom roadmap software

IT roadmaps with Roadmunk

Roadmunk IT roadmaps are completely customizable. Traditionally our users will lay out capabilities across the organization and factor in the maturity, owner and objective of each initiative. Roadmunk pivoting allows storytelling from any point of view; enabling unlimited arrangements to dig into the who, how, when and why you're building what you build.

  • Pivot data instantly to swap between capabilities, strategic goals, maturity, project ownership and more

  • Interactive visual roadmaps are designed to let teams experiment and speculate outcomes

  • Propogate roadmap changes across all views for a comprehensive source of truth

  • Share customized, secure roadmaps with partners and customers

Show teams what you're capable of with Roadmunk IT roadmaps

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