Hiring Roadmaps

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What's a hiring roadmap?

HR Roadmaps are used by recruiters and human resource planning departments to schedule and adapt for organisational hiring practices. Just as much as any other type of roadmap, managers conduct a gaps assessment and build towards organizational transformation objectives. Especially in cases where hiring is not the manager's primary responsibility, frameworks and hiring process roadmaps become a real benefit for the team.

Custom roadmap software

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Roadmunk gives structure to the organizational transformation plans within an organization. Roadmaps help human resources teams visualize the talent gaps throughout departments and across seniority levels. It's made for teams: in a few clicks teams can collaborate, share and present to key stakeholders. Start your free trial of Roadmunk below and create your first HR roadmap template.

  • Align employee development against organizational initiatives

  • Visualize the transformation of skills over time and uncover gaps in talent

  • Customize roadmap views for all levels of leadership and privacy

  • Access roadmaps from anywhere - in the office or out in the world

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