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Communicate strategy with a customer-driven roadmap

Capture customer feedback. Prioritize what to build next. And use roadmaps to communicate your strategy.

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Build your first roadmap in minutes

See how easy it is to get started with this quick 3 minute video.

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Capture customer feedback

Manage your users’ feedback in one organized place - your Feedback Inbox. With a number of built-in tools, including our Feedback Portal & Chrome extension, you can easily deliver valuable insights directly to your product team from:

  • Email
  • Salesforce (and other CRMs)
  • Support chats
  • All browser-based tools
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The video animation shows submitting feedback with the Roadmunk Chrome extension is as easy as copying user feedback and pasting it into the extension. Once submitted, feedback automatically populates in your feedback inbox in Roadmunk.
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Prioritize what to build next

Use collected feedback to create product ideas rooted in real user needs. Then, choose from two built-in prioritization templates or create your own weighted scoring framework to surface high-impact ideas:

  • Value vs. effort
  • R.I.C.E. (reach, impact, confidence and effort)
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Present a boardroom-ready roadmap

Promote a product idea to your roadmap and commit to making it happen. Communicate your strategy using Roadmunk’s simple and powerful roadmapping features:

  • Choose between a timeline or swimlane visualization
  • Create multiple roadmap views from one data set
  • Export shareable, crystal-clear roadmaps to URL, PNG and HTML
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Hear what users say about us

  • 5 stars
    "Best looking roadmaps in Sales and Board Meetings"

    Joseph F. - CEO

  • 5 stars
    "Great for what I need - high-level prioritization and roadmapping"

    Matt F. - Sr. Mobile Product Manager

  • 5 stars
    "Easiest decision to go with Roadmunk. Simply the best value for money!"

    Sushant M. - Product Owner

  • 5 stars
    "Great tool to define and support the product vision & roadmap throughout the company"

    Alvaro E. - Product Manager

  • 4 stars
    "Very useful Tool to be able to visualize, share and collaborate on product roadmaps"

    Eyal M. - CTO

  • 5 stars
    "Roadmunk saves me time and makes me look good with my clients"

    Lisa R. - VP Product Development

  • 5 stars
    "Clarity for everyone!"

    Justin H. - Portfolio Manager

  • 4 stars
    "5 stars for the integration with Jira"

    Diego F. - Technical PM

  • 4 stars
    "Pleasantly Surprised Every Time I Use Roadmunk"

    Bobbie D. - Manager, Curriculum Dev.

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Need a custom integration?
Use the Roadmunk API.

Develop integrations with the tools your team relies on for roadmap planning and execution. The Roadmunk API is enabled across roadmaps, as well as the feedback and idea management suite.

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Time to level up your skills

You have a strategy you need to communicate. We have the knowledge to help you get there. Check out our Resource Center for guides on roadmapping and product management.

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