Business Roadmaps

Leaders know the first step in keeping teams, management and customers aligned is to create a business roadmap.

What is a business roadmap?

Managers already understand how to create a business roadmap when they write a marketing or project plan. The same principle used to align the team - from executives down to first-line managers - is already present in those PowerPoint strategy-planning meetings we've all been to. The roadmap is that long view; it's often the first slide and the last slide. The difficulty is keeping those documents insightful, relevant, and up-to-date for a variety of teams and customers in every meeting.

Custom roadmap software

Roadmunk makes organizing business roadmaps easier for product and business managers. Instead of managing multiple Excel and Powerpoint templates, users can maintain one centralized business roadmap and pivot their data to accommodate the next presentation. Share coffee and upcoming features with customers at a glance, and drill down into milestones for the go-to-market plan in the afternoon.

Business roadmap templates

Project Roadmaps

Marketing Roadmaps

Hiring (HR) Roadmaps

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