Weekly Planning

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Weekly Planning

Roadmunk is thrilled to announce that we now support weekly planning.

Even More Granularity

With the increasing flexibility required by teams to meet the speed of agile and shifting priorities, the immediate future becomes just as important as the medium and long-term objectives that management demand.

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While it is important to keep the future in mind we know, through speaking to hundreds of Product Managers, the true daily users want to see what lays in front of their teams. Now you can visualize plans down to the weekly level.

Who is weekly planning for?

Weekly planning is applicable to all product owners and planners. Our recommendation is to lay out your immediate roadmap using the weekly method, while projects that sit further out can get broken down into months, quarters or 6-month views.

“When can I start planning in weeks?”

Weekly planning is available for all Roadmunk plans and will be available to all users immediately.

Log in as usual and existing roadmaps will have the option to break into weeks. New roadmaps will have the same option.

To learn more about weeks and get in touch with the team simply connect with us at: support@roadmunk.com

Happy roadmapping!