Fuzzy Time

Imprecise dates called fuzzy time buckets

Roadmapping is about painting a future vision and that often doesn’t include dates. It’s important to track and keep those roadmap items in plain sight. Roadmunk has now introduced the ability to create future buckets that remove the concept of dates from roadmap items. As part of our first version, we will be supporting both the Table and Swimlane View (stay tuned for the Timeline View).

How to create a bucket

On Table View click the settings icon the Date field and select Edit Bucket (note anywhere there is a date dropdown you can edit buckets)

From here, create buckets using the dialogue that can act as future periods. (ie. Upcoming, Soon, Medium Term, Ideas, Future etc.). You may order buckets the way you want them to appear on the Swimlane.

Choose a Bucket

You can choose a bucket from Date dropdown using the picker as shown below. Additionally they can edited from any item’s cards.

Swimlane View

To view your buckets on the swimlane view, choose either Month, Quarter, Half or Year. Buckets that have items will show up — and if they don’t you can use the plus icon to add them.